The Benefits of Chiropractic Care With Knee Traction

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Knee pain makes it hard for you to move around, getting in the way of your day to day activities like exercise and work. It can even make it hard to do simple things like go up or down stairs. Ideally, you should see your healthcare provider earlier rather than later to have knee pain evaluated. 

Many people don’t realize that chiropractors do a whole lot more than just spinal adjustments. They’re also able to treat patients with conditions that cause knee pain. Knee traction is one of the treatment options they can use for patients as part of a complete treatment plan.

One of the treatments that may be recommended is knee traction. While that may sound scary, it's effective at reducing pain, improving knee joint mobility and increasing flexibility. 

How Does Knee Traction Work?

Knee traction uses a specialized machine that holds your need in place while it gently stretches the joint. There is no sudden jerking motion, but rather a slow release of the pressure in the joint. You’ll typically sit with the knee traction machine for about 10 minutes in each session. 

To feel improvements that last, multiple sessions will be needed. The chiropractor will talk to you about your specific situation and what you should expect. 

What Can Knee Traction Do For You?

There are many benefits of knee traction, such as pain relief, increased joint mobility, reduced inflammation, enhanced healing, and it’s a non-invasive treatment. 

Provides Knee Pain Relief

Knee traction helps to reduce pressure which eases pain and discomfort. It may take a few treatments before the pain stays away for more than just a little while. But with time and gentle tractionMany people experience knee pain because of a lack of fluid in the joint and the bone rubbing together. By stretching the joint, knee traction helps to make room for more fluid to prevent bone-on-bone contact. 

Reduces Swelling and Inflammation of the Knee

Knee traction helps to reduce swelling and inflammation by encouraging fluid to drain from the knee area which reduces the inflammation in the knee joint. Inflammation causes pain and discomfort and is commonly associated with certain conditions that cause knee pain, such as arthritis and injuries. 

A Non-Invasive and Drug-free Treatment Option

The fact that knee traction is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment option is one of the greatest benefits. Many people have a hard time visiting doctor's offices for these types of issues since the pain of invasive procedures is scary. 

Can Delay Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee traction can be a great option for early intervention of knee issues to potentially help you avoid the need for surgery. Invasive procedures come with risks, and they are painful, so it is important to try a more holistic approach before opting for surgery or prescription medications. 

When Is Knee Traction Recommended?

There are a few cases where knee traction is included in the chiropractic treatment plan including:

  1. Osteoarthritis treatment. Patients with arthritis often have little or no cartilage to cushion the knee joint. This means the bones are rubbing against one another. Knee traction can allow the bones to separate and give the knee.
  2. To relieve pain from past knee injuries. Knee traction is especially helpful for those who have chronic knee pain that’s caused by an injury that may not have healed perfectly.
  3. To help after a knee surgery wasn’t successful. When a knee surgery doesn’t produce the results hoped for, non-invasive treatment options are a good alternative to try to gain more mobility and reduce pain so that a second surgery can be delayed or avoided.

The Knee on Trac System at Village Chiropractic in The Woodlands

At Village Chiropractic in The Woodlands, we are happy to offer knee traction as part of a complete knee pain treatment plan using our Knee on Trac system. There are other treatments that may be included such as cold laser therapy or cryotherapy, which brings blood flow to the near which encourages healing and reduces swelling.

If you’re suffering from knee pain and would like to avoid surgery for as long as possible, or would like to find a drug-free treatment option, chiropractic knee care may be the solution. Our chiropractors are available to provide an evaluation. Request an appointment at our location in Alden Bridge.

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